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As a children’s home, we are unique. Arms of Love believes our children are the future leaders in their countries, and God can heal brokenness to live a life of freedom and wholeness. Arms of Love is committed to giving our children a FUTURE. By providing higher education, vocational training, and life skills, we give children that were once hopeless and marginalized the tools necessary to change their lives.


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We are committed to helping our children develop into confident and productive members of their communities, healthy in mind, body, and spirit.


By providing opportunities for higher education, vocational training, Christian discipleship, business opportunities, and the development of other life skills in the context of a loving family environment, we are opening doors to future success.


The experiential lessons and lifelong implications for a college education provide phenomenal learning opportunities that foster the ability to think and act critically, challenge world-views, and ignite passion. Can you imagine the impact higher education has in the lives of our children in Nicaragua – the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, where only 28% of first graders will ever go on to complete the sixth grade? Or in the Philippines, where there is a 50% unemployment rate?


Our Independent Living Program picks up where our Residential Care Program leaves off.


We currently have three tracks:

  1. University
  2. Entrepreneurial undertaking
  3. Trade/vocational school.

There are nearly 20 young adults participating in one of the three tracks in the Philippines. In Nicaragua, there are currently 7!

For those who want to continue their education, Arms of Love offers grants and scholarships that share the cost of tuition, books, lodging, and food, as well as teaches students to be responsible by working part-time, using a budget, and owning their faith. For young adults who decide to forgo continue education, but have a business venture they would like pursue, Arms of Love offers short-term cost-of-living grants and beginning business “seed” money. Through this track, our kids have to create a business plan, be working part-time, use a budget, and participate in mentoring opportunities.


The Independent Living Program is successful!


There have been college graduates in both countries, with degrees in natural medicine, education, marine biology, hospitality and tourism to name a few. Young adults invested in entrepreneurial undertakings have raised goats and pigs. Vocational success has included certification in courses such as midwifery, hotel hospitality, and foreign languages (for employment opportunities).

Each of these children has grown into an amazing young adult. Each path is different; however, they are successfully living independently, making an income and are still connected with family at Arms of Love.


Do you have a passion for higher education? You can help provide scholarship opportunities through our Independent Living Program today!


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