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Why does a child become “At Risk?”

Children are born into circumstances or grow up in situations that directly impact their opportunity and well being.

Many of these children lack the basic necessities of:

These children must go to desperate measures to meet their basic needs, and their uncontrollable circumstances leave them extremely susceptible to:

Becoming Orphans

Victims of Child Abuse

Life on the Streets

Human Trafficking

Armed Forces

Child Begging

Drug Trades

Sexual Exploitation

Forced Labor

The reality behind children at risk


million street children live in the world today



million children are trafficked each year



million children have lost one or both parents


All these children have one thing in common: They have all been born into or are growing up in situations that are directly impacting their future and well being. Their opportunity for a normal childhood has been taken away from them by war, natural disasters, disability, or a broken home. Faced with the death of a parent, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, prostitution, extreme poverty, and lack of education, these children are forced onto the streets to try to fulfill their basic needs.

At-risk children find themselves lacking fundamental things like the support of parents, safety, education, food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and love.

Forced to the streets as beggars and scavengers, at-risk children must go to extreme measures to try to meet their basic needs.

These children quickly become prey to human trafficking, extreme abuse, militia groups, drug trades, forced labor, and sexual exploitation.

“Various categories of street children exist. There are those who work on the streets as their only means of getting money, those who take refuge on the streets during the day but return to some form of family at night, and those who permanently live on the street without a family network. All are at risk from abuse, exploitation and vigilante or police violence, but the most vulnerable are those who actually sleep and live on the streets, hiding under bridges, in gutters, in railway stations. While they may have small jobs such as shoe-shining or market-selling to pull through, many also end up dying on the pavement, victims of drugs, gang rivalry, and disease. Without some form of basic education and economic training, the future is bleak for these street children and their life expectancy terrifyingly low.”


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