We have 5 core values that we believe in,
and strive towards every day.


In the most broken lives, we view the greatest potential.

Children who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused, have significant potential to impact others with the love of Christ, sharing how their lives have been transformed by His redemptive love and grace.


We intentionally seek to care for children who are:


- The most vulnerable, rejected, and marginalized in their communities.
- Separated from their parents due to death, abandonment and/or abuse.
- Victims of oppression, exploitation, and injustice.


We seek to bring healing and restoration to the lives of children rescued from at-risk circumstances.


We believe these children will only realize their full potential if their lives are restored by a profound experience with God’s adoptive and unconditional love, which reveals to each child their true identity, value, and purpose.


We implement strategic programs of care that emphasize:


- A family environment and a loving community based on relationship.
- An extended family of caring sponsors and volunteers.
- Focused, individualized care tailored to the needs of each specific child.


We seek to impact the countries where we work.

The long-term impact of each project on its community will be maximized if we work collaboratively with residents of the community, partnering, equipping, and empowering them to care for others in need.

Our children’s homes and ministry programs are intended to:

- Prepare and equip our children to be leaders in their churches and communities.
- Provide our children opportunities to serve and give back to others.
- Encourage each project to become autonomous, self-governing, and self-sufficient


We seek to mobilize and equip leaders within and beyond our children's homes.

We value the people God brings to partner with us, recognizing that volunteers are an important driver of our ministry, and part of our calling is to provide an opportunity for them to serve.


We will maintain an organizational framework that invites and encourages each person to:


- Directly engage in ministry with us as a partner.
- Contribute according to their gifts, defined role, and our underlying vision.
- Develop and release their unique purpose, leadership, and creativity.


We seek to give away and let God multiply what he has given to us.

Our experience and resources are not for our exclusive use, but have been entrusted to us as stewards in the greater advancement of the kingdom of God.

We affirm a philosophy of collaboration and seek to use our resources to:

- Train and provide guidance to others.
- Catalyze ministries to children-at-risk beyond Arms of Love's properties.
- Promote and maintain a global view of the needs that exist, and determine how we can help.

Be a hero for a child today.


The gifts of your time, talent, and treasure are what empowers our life-changing ministry.


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