Arms of Love International is committed to the highest level of integrity and accountability.

Each project must maintain proper financial records and provide regular financial statements, including monthly expense reports. Budgets are reviewed by the appropriate board leadership, discussed, and agreed upon before funds are dispersed. Arms of Love retains accountants in each country to maintain the financial records of each project. Arms of Love International is committed to full disclosure of objectives, methods of operation, and endeavors to provide a full, detailed, and accurate description of each project. We simply do our best to fully and accurately represent who we are and what we do.


Our goal is to send as much money as we can to the countries we serve instead of spending it on overhead. Administrative and fundraising expenses of Arms of Love International are typically between 10-15% of our annual budget. In the U.S., Arms of Love has one full-time employee, two part-time employees, and relies heavily on donated services and volunteer support.

Arms of Love International is governed by a 6-member Board of Directors. Visit Our Team page to learn more about this group. To review our most recent Form 990 financial statements filed with the IRS, click on the links below.






Arms of Love International is a section 501(c)(3) public charity
with tax ID number 77-0527246. Below are copies of our exemption letters from the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service:

Tax Exempt Status | Tax Exempt Status, IRS

Fiscal Year 2014-15 Form 990 Tax Statement





Arms of Love is also registered in the United Kingdom as Charity No. 1099034 (additional information can be found by clicking here)

If you have any questions concerning the legal status of Arms of Love International please feel free to contact us.

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